Creating generational wealth through economic redirection.

Linking arms to create a more equitable world.
Let's Work

The Facts

Black owned non-employer businesses are less than half as likely to get financing as white owned firms.

Black entrepreneurs are nearly three times more likely to have business growth and profitability negatively impacted by a lack of financial capital.

They also are less likely than white Americans to launch businesses, and when they do, those businesses tend to have lower revenues and fewer employees.

The Mission

It can’t wait.
We need a radical redirection of economic power.

Entrepreneurship plays an important part in building wealth for families that will last for generations. It is estimated that though the Black community represents 12% of the workforce in the US, it only represents 9.4% of business owners. We are seeking to change that.

In addition to building wealth, equalizing Black entrepreneurship creates jobs. 9 million jobs, to be exact.

To create a more just future, to empower marginalized communities, and to create economic vitality, we must act today.

How we equalize

Three Main Problems: Three Direct Solutions

Research shows that the disparities in entrepreneurship for Black owners come from three main areas: lack of access to financial capital, education, and experience. We’ve created three innovative solutions.
  • 1

    By accessing grants, collecting donations, and creating our own revenue streams, we are able to directly fund Black owned businesses with the capital they need.

  • 2

    Through our collection of educational courses we are able to instill new knowledge in owners. They can use this knowledge to LevelUP their current operations, obtain their own franchise opportunity, or gain access to their own storefront.

  • 3

    Our mentorship program will bridge the gap in obtaining experience. By pairing experts in their respective fields with aspiring or new Black business owners, we are creating partnerships that will lift the barrier of needing training with no way to get it.